COVID-19 Immunity Passport

as PDF ($29) & by mail (+$8)
live & travel more freely*
only positive antibody test needed

Return to Normalcy

*Immunity passports have the ability to safe lives, safely enable free-flowing travel, allow business, schools and cultural facilities to reopen, and will allow you to feel safe visiting friends and family once again.

Our world´s first COVID-19 Immunity Passport is an easy, safe, reliable and low-cost solution that will likely become universally adopted. All you need is a positive antibody test.

You can also download a blank PDF version of the passport free-of-cost, which any doctor then can issue according to our

COVID-19: Online doctor's note & lab test order

CARES Act grants you paid sick leave
if you have a cold or live in a risk state*
Safe & easy for only $19


Stay at home

Request a lab test order and/or a doctors note for up to 2 weeks of paid sick leave if you live in a high risk state or have 1 of the 14 COVID-19 symptoms like headache, fatigue or stuffy nose.*

*Granted by the CARES Act (Sec. 5102) and reimbursed to your employer if you have fewer than 500 co-workers and can't (tele)work. Read more.

It's that easy


Fill out the questionnaire



Pay & wait for approval



Get a doctor´s note & test order (tap to view PDF)

  • Avoid the risk of spreading the Coronavirus at work or the doctor's office. How it works.

  • Our doctors’ office hours are from 8 am - 9:30 am and 1 pm - 2:30 pm PST, Monday through Friday.

  • You will therefore receive your doctor´s note and/or test order by the end of the office hours before which you submitted your request.

Any questions?

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