Here's how it works:

  1. Fill out our smart online questionnaire and pay.

  2. Our tele-doctor then verifies your request during his office hours (8 - 9:30 am & 1 - 2:30 pm PST, Monday - Friday).

  3. You receive a code via SMS and an email with a link to download the requested doctor's note & lab test order.


You receive the requested documents quickly, easily and at a low cost. Since you don't need to visit a doctor, you save time, relieve overburdened doctors and avoid the risk of infecting yourself or others. You can read our doctors' carefully prepared written recommendations at any time.

Our smart questionnaire ensures that our doctors only treat harmless and uncomplicated cases that can be reliably assessed and do not require medication.


There is no further communication with our doctors and your treatment is finished after you receive the documents.

Therefore you need to ensure that you detect and monitor any symptoms yourself as well as read and follow the written recommendations of our doctors. If you wish further treatment, you must contact other (tele)doctors.

How to get a lab test:

We do not offer COVID-19 lab tests nor do our doctors receive any test results. Therefore our doctors' lab test order is only useful for you if you can find a testing site near you that

  1. requires a test order,

  2. allows you to get the test results without a doctor and

  3. whose requirements you meet (Check your general priority for a test here).

You can find a testing location here. You can also visit your state or local health department's website to look for the latest local information on testing.


How it works